Who is church for?

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The short answer is “sinners.” That’s right. Church is for sinners, not holy people. If you’re perfect, you don’t need to come to church. You don’t need to hear that Jesus died for your sins. It would just be a waste of your time because that is the whole point of the church service, as well as any Bible Study.

However, if you happen to be a sinner, someone who has made mistakes in your life or is still making mistakes, church is a wonderful place to be because you will be surrounded by others who are exactly like you. And you will get to hear how God has already provided His Son, Jesus Christ, as the solution to your sins. You will hear the reason why the pastor can tell you, “Your sins are forgiven.” We welcome all sinners of every type. Join this group of sinners to hear how God has made you a saint through Jesus.

Pastor S. Gullixson