Luther on Christmas!

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Nothing has made the devil so furious as the Almighty Son of God taking on human flesh to redeem all people from their sins. But all of Satan’s powers could not harm this little Baby in Bethlehem, for He was the LORD’s Anointed, the promised Messiah. Though Satan would attempt to use Herod and other leaders to harm Jesus, this Child would not be defeated. Psalm 2 depicts the rage of kings and rulers against Christ (vv. 1-3), but God the Father laughs at the futile efforts of these wicked ones (v. 4). Through His holy life and sacrificial death, Jesus conquered sin, death, and the devil, and then ascended to heaven to sit at His Father’s right hand, from where He will return on the Last Day to judge the world. This is the Father’s only Son, begotten from eternity, yet He is also true Man, born of the Virgin Mary (vv. 5-9). “Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him!” (vv. 10-12).