History of the Church

Our Savior Lutheran Church was organized in 1971. We were a group of Christians that came out of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS) because of our concern that false doctrine and practice was being taught in the synod seminaries. Upon leaving the LC-MS, we joined a group called the Federation of Authentic Lutherans (FAL), an assembly of congregations who shared our same concerns about the LC-MS. In 1975, we were accepted into membership of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and have enjoyed our fellowship with this synod of confessional Lutherans. These times were trying on us, but we know and understand the importance of remaining faithful to God’s Word no matter how uncomfortable it might make us feel.

We moved around for a while looking for a more permanent place to gather around God’s Word and Sacraments. We held services at the Women’s Improvement Center for many years.

Finally, in 1978/9 the Lord blessed us with the ability to purchase a building at 162 Sneden Street in Bishop. The building was a house which was built in 1904 in Goldfield Nevada. It had been moved to Tonopah in the early 1920s and finally moved to Bishop during the 1940s.

We decided to remodel the building to look more like a church than a residence. This remodel began in 1999 under the direction and supervision of many of our own members. We were able to dedicate our newly remodeled building in May of 2001.