Lent- a Season of Preparation

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Lent is now upon us. It is the season of preparation for our celebration of our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Lent is what we call a penitential season, meaning that it is a time of sobering reflection and examination of ourselves. While Easter is a joyful time and season, we realize that Easter didn’t happen without Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, when Jesus was betrayed, beaten, suffered, died, and was buried. He did all this, not to die a martyr’s death as a good but misunderstood man, but to die our death. He died to pay the full price for our sins. So during this time of Lent, we examine our lives, our sinful lives, and repent of our sins. We sorrow over them, knowing what Jesus had to go through for them, but we do not sorrow as those who have no hope.

We have hope! Jesus died to take those sins away. No one forced Him. He did it because He loves us. Because He loves you! The Father accepted Jesus’ sacrifice and proved it on Easter Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus’ resurrection means that those who believe in Him will also rise on the last day, not to eternal damnation, but to eternal life with the Father.

In Christ,

Pastor Gullixson